Monthly Archives: June 2011

Mission Statement

The following is the Mission Statement for the GSDG:

The Graduate Services Discussion Group of ACRL/NY (GSDG) meets to discuss how to customize and do outreach to graduate students in all disciplines.  How does graduate student needs in libraries differ from those of undergraduates?  Services to graduate students is a specialization in academia, particularly in libraries.  This group will provide a forum in which to discuss ways to serve the graduate student population through instruction, specialized services, and digital initiatives.


New Discussion Group for Graduate Services

At the ACRL/NY executive board meeting on June 10, the board voted unanimously to approve a motion by Michael Handis to create a new discussion group for library services for graduate students.  The new group, the Graduate Services Discussion Group, will be co-chaired by Michael Handis (, Associate Librarian for Collection Management at the Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center, and Amy Balmer (, Senior Assistant Reference Librarian also at the Mina Rees Library.

It was felt that services in libraries to students always focus on undergraduates with graduate students being the “invisible” users who rarely have the same needs as undergraduates.  Also, most literature on student services focuses on the undergraduate population.  It is hoped that the events that the Graduate Services Discussion Group (GSDG) holds will help draw attention to the needs of graduate students as well as facilitate discussion on how to service this diverse population.

The first meeting of the Graduate Services Discussion Group (GSDG) will be held in the fall.